I love my 38-GG breasts (except when they give me backache!) I enjoy how they look and how they feel. Although sometimes I curse the difficulty of finding dresses that fit top and bottom, the discomfort of getting one trapped under an arm while sleeping, or the price of decent DD+ bras; I wouldn’t trade them in for smaller models.

I’m pleased with this picture because I was struck by how dark my skin looks against the pale lace of my bra, and the ambiguity of whose the hand squeezing my tits is.

Black and white photo of breasts in lacy bra, hand squeezing the middle

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15 thoughts on “Contrast

  1. Oh my! Yes, the contrast of light and shade across your curves is lovely.

    1. I used Snapseed, it’s great for editing pix on mobile. Lots of features

  2. The contrasts are beautiful here. Darker skin against lighter lace is a fabulous combination.

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