KotW: Slave Training

This is a kinky fantasy of mine – I’m not a 24/7 lifestyle sub and I’d hate to be under someone else’s control all of the time, so being a slave isn’t something I’d want to do for real. But pretend, part-time sexual slavery….oh yes….oh yes please…..

Tonight is the night. We’ve negotiated the scene carefully, establishing hard and soft limits, safewords and safecues. He’s curious and slightly nervous at the idea of power I’m putting into his hands. I’m hyper-aroused by the prospect, wondering how he will choose to exercise it.

He greets me at the front door with our usual kisses – both tender and hungry, wordlessly telling each other of our sheer joy in being reunited.

“Are you ready?” he asks softly?

I am. “Yes. Let’s do this. I love you”

That’s his cue. He draws himself up, standing straighter. Regards me with a subtly hardened gaze. When he speaks again, his tone is commanding.

“Tonight you are my property. You are my slave. You will do exactly as I tell you, when I tell you. You will not look me in the face unless I give you permission. You will not speak unless answering a direct order and must always address me as “Master”. If you disobey me, I will punish you. You are my slave. Do you understand?”

I nod my head and stare at the floor, churning with the excitement that’s starting to make my nipples visibly hard.

“You may answer”

“Yes Master” I know he can hear the delighted grin in my voice; it reassures him his power is freely given by me, and that I’m OK to continue.

“Take off your clothes. All of them.”

Naked, I stand in front of him. I can hear his breath catch, he loves my body and finds it endlessly arousing. I wait as he walks around me assessing, examining, appreciating. He has my leather collar in his pocket ready to fasten around my neck.

“Mine” he growls as he does up the buckle. The collar has a silver ring at the front, just right for him to hook a finger through. He leads me to the living room, in which a towel covers the coffee table. There are all sorts of interesting lumps under that towel but my attention is quickly redirected by the cuffs with which he secures my hands behind my back. Blood pounds in my lips and my clit. I want this so much.


I obey and still with my eyes downcast, open my mouth ready for him. He’s stone-hard and dewy with pre-come. He orders me to look up at him, keep absolutely still and silent. This is going to be difficult for me – usually, I moan and writhe with the delight of having his hard cock in my mouth. He knows this. It is my first challenge.

“Look at me while I’m fucking your mouth. Keep your eyes and mouth wide open.”

He grabs a handful of hair on either side of my head and pushes himself roughly to the back of my throat. He can see my pupils dilate, probably smell my wet cunt. It reassures him that although he is pretending to mistreat me, he’s giving me exactly what I want.

I hold back my moans of enjoyment, lock down my gag reflex and keep a steady gaze upwards as he uses my mouth briskly and forcefully. Here on my knees, unable to move my head and with my hands cuffed behind me I feel so deliciously exposed, so beautifully vulnerable. In this moment, my whole being is focused on this game; my body only a toy for him to use, my thoughts and emotions suspended somewhere in the empty air above my physical self, until-

He thrusts so hard and deep into my mouth that I can’t help choking and spluttering. I tried so hard not to, but I couldn’t help it. The side of his mouth quirks.

“Was that too hard?”

I nod

“Good.” He does it again. Once more, I react, unable to stop myself from drawing back as I fight for breath. I don’t mean to disobey him and I hope he sees the pleading in my eyes. Of course he does.

“You need to try harder, slave. This isn’t good enough. Perhaps a lesson in obedience is required.”

He goes over to the coffee table, pulls out one of the interesting shapes. It’s a spreader bar with ankle cuffs attached. I was hoping for a paddle but he knows me too well – a spanking is never a punishment from my point of view.

He positions me over the sofa seat, still kneeling, face buried in the cushion; and cuffs my ankles to the spreader bar.

“Stay there. Keep still”.

I hear him go to the kitchen and pour himself a glass of water. When he comes back, he ignores me, settling himself into the seat at right-angles to mine and reaching for the TV remote. Oh, he knows how to punish me all right. I’m smirking though, it won’t be long before my spread legs and rounded buttocks prove too much of a temptation for him.

Time passes. Five minutes? Ten? I have no way of knowing. I daren’t sneak a look at him for fear of extending this period of deprivation. I’m acutely aware of the eroticism of my pose, my cunt is throbbing with the need to be filled. Every moment that goes by brings my need closer to desperation. Please touch me. Talk to me. Fuck me. Please

I hear movement. Steel myself not to gasp as cold lube is slathered between my arse cheeks. Hold myself rigid as he circles my anus with a finger. My cunt is dripping. He slides the finger into my tight hole, with the other hand he strokes my back and legs gently. I must not move.

The finger is withdrawn and replaced with a plug. He pushes the first bead into me, twists the plug slowly. I’m sure he can hear my breath catch but I still haven’t moved. Deeper now, up to the second, larger bead. I want to push back against it. The sweet agony of keeping myself still and silent is the whole world right now. Nothing else exists but me, him, the sofa, the restraints, the plug. Last bead. With a supreme effort I do not moan or writhe.

The remote clicks and the plug comes to life, buzzing and tingling inside me. I groan and arch my back, helpless to control my responses now.

“Bad girl” he said softly. “For that, you will not be allowed to come for the rest of the day”

He taps the plug and pinches my arse, hard.

“Keep still now”

He’s standing behind me, one foot up on the cushion by my hip. I feel the tip of his cock nudge my clit

“I’m going to fuck you now. You are my property today and I will fuck you whenever and however I please. You will not orgasm. This is not about your pleasure, only mine. You will keep still and quiet as I use you.”

His groan as he pushes his cock deep inside me almost tips me over the edge. His hands spread my buttocks, stretching and exposing me. He’s moving slowly, ekeing out every thrust and withdrawal, rubbing the head of his cock against my clit as he pulls out, and leaning on the still-vibrating plug on the inward stroke.

“Ah, fuuuck” he moans and kneels behind me. Pulls the plug out of me and discards it. Shoves his cock deep into my arse in replacement. Now he’s fucking me hard, hands gripping my hips, balls slapping against my cunt. “You. Are. My. Fucking. Property” he hisses between thrusts. “I. Own. You.”

I’m so close to orgasm, but I’m fighting for control. If I come, he’ll stop and finish himself off – no, no, no. I focus on my breath and my posture, pushing down the rising effervescence that signals the gathering of my orgasm.

Suddenly, he pulls out, stands up, yanks my head up by the hair and pumps his come over my face with a long exhalation of relief. “Oh yeah. That’s it. Oh yeah”

He releases me, tells me to clean myself up.

When I return, he has a set of chained-together nipple clamps swinging from his hand. He positions one, threads the chain through the ring on my collar, then places the other, tightening the clamps until I wince. My heavy breasts are pulled upwards by the chain, increasing the tension on the clamps every time I move. He’s picked up my knickers and now he stuffs them into my mouth.

“Stand there with you back against the wall. Do not touch yourself.”

He heads for the shower, leaving me still hopelessly aroused and desperate for his touch. The wall is cold against my back. My clit is hard and swollen. My nipples are aching. Half of me is hoping he will relent and let me reach orgasm; the rest of me doesn’t want this delicious torture to come to an end.

I needn’t have worried. For the rest of the evening, he teases and takes me without allowing me release. I feed him his dinner on my knees before eating my own. I undress him for bed and wait for permission before climbing in beside him, lying flat on my back as instructed as his hands roam across my body.

At midnight, he unbuckles the collar and kisses me deeply. His hands creep down to find my aching, yearning cunt and he gives me the most intense orgasm I can ever recall having.

With our arms around each other, we sleep.

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  1. What a delicious evening this would be, the plug and the ass fucking totally did it for me


    1. It’s pretty much my idea of the perfect Friday night in!

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