Silhouette of woman against a townhouse window

I’m pretty sure I actually saw this on the way home today. Even if my eyes deceived me at the time, it makes for a pretty damn hot fantasy. How lucky it just happens to be #MasturbationMonday!

So picture this. You’re on the bus on the way home from the station. It’s been a long and demanding day, so all you want to do is silence the whirling work-thoughts buzzing around your brain. You’ve been idly contemplating your favourite sexual fantasies on the journey so far, picking out which to play on your mind’s projector that evening when you settle naked onto your bed. You’re gazing out of the window, not really registering what you’re seeing as you picture scenes of dominance, restraints, floggings and hard fucking.

Then it happens. The bus jolts over a speed bump and you look up momentarily, to meet her eyes.

She has long brown hair and a sweet face. As she leans out of the open window, her unbuttoned blouse reveals a slender androgynous body. Are those…..? Yes, what you initially thought were pierced nipples are clamps with a chain swinging between them. Swinging in time to the thrusting of the unseen man behind her.

Oh my god

She’s getting fucked right there in the second-floor window in broad daylight on a busy street.

Her eyes are closed and she’s grasping the window sill with clenched hands. You can see her bracing herself against the pounding she’s receiving; her mouth falls open and you imagine you can hear her breathless cries

“Oh yes, please…..fuck me….”

You want to stay here and watch, but the bus is already moving on past the window and up the road. Suddenly, you can keenly feel the juddering of the old diesel engine beneath your metal-and-plastic seat. You want to squirm, to pinch and pull at your nipples, to press your fist hard against your clit. You want what the woman in the window is getting.

The walk home from the bus stop is brisk. With each step, you can feel your clit swelling and becoming more sensitive. Your knickers are so wet.

Back in the house, you race upstairs to the bedroom and pull off your clothes, rough with the urgency of your arousal. Standing in front of the full-length mirror you compare your body to hers. Yours is all lush curves and softness. Hers was lean and slender. Your skin is the almost-tan of your mixed heritage. Hers was white as milk.

You wonder what she’d feel like, pressed against you face to face. If you’d been between her and the window, your heavy breasts would brush against the clamps she wears on hers. Maybe the chain would attach her clamped nipples and yours – pulling and pinching harder as your bodies move apart; then a cold streak against your warm selves with each forward thrust.

You close your eyes and tug gently at your nipples, imagining.

You can’t see the man’s face, only a silhouette somewhere behind her in the darkened room. He’s breathing hard, grasping her tightly by the hips so that his fingers are digging into her taut skin. You hear the slap of their bodies meeting and and the slick, wet sounds of his cock delving in and out of her.

You reach for a dildo. A large, silicone mock-cock, warm and solid to the touch.

Maybe she’s wearing a strap-on harness. Maybe with each jerk of his hips against hers, he forces the dildo she’s wearing into you. Maybe her eyes gleam as she transfers to you, the pleasure of being taken.

You’re wet enough to push the dildo inside you, hard and deep. Picturing yourself, her, him, all moving together; you fuck yourself roughly, matching the rhythm you remember seeing.

She puts her hands on your shoulders, bracing herself. You grab her hands and set them around your throat instead.  He is fucking her and she is fucking you and you are fucking yourself so hard. You reach down and rub your clit in circles, in time with the motion of the dildo inside you. Imagine you can feel her hands round your neck, her breath on your cheek. Her body against yours.

She’s close to the edge, gasping and tightening her grip, bucking her hips, arching her back.

He drives himself deeper into her, one hand now clutching a handful of her long hair, the other wrapped around her waist to pull her closer to him.

Your cunt is clenching around the firm silicone pounding into you. You’re going to come, and as you do, you picture her orgasm along with yours. You’re writhing together, clutching and grabbing, filling your hands and mouths with each other; breathless and weak-kneed.

He pulls out of her spasming cunt and grabs a handful of your hair alongside hers, pulling you both down onto your knees to receive his come. It slicks across your faces, drips from your mouths.

You open your eyes and let out a sigh.

You don’t even know her name.

9 thoughts on “Window-shopping

  1. I want to take this bus. I love how a snatched vision turned into a masturbatory fantasy.


  2. O this is all kinds of hot – what a fantasy and how delicious to be so used.

  3. Welcome to Masturbation Monday and also, OMG this was delicious and hot from both a voyeuristic level to a masturbatory one.

    1. Thank you! It was all fun – the watching, the wanking and the writing! 😋

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