Hurt me….please

Let me tell you about why I like you to spank me…pinch my nipples…dig your fingers into tender parts of me…

…I want to be your slut. I want to exist to please you. Your moans, your dilated pupils, your hard cock – I want to be the cause; and see your unrestrained lust.

I feel powerful when I see how I make you feel, and so will I hand that power right back to you, to use me for your absolute pleasure. Your arousal, your approval are the nectar that feeds my deep hunger; they are what makes me wet and welcoming, spreads my limbs and wants you deep inside me

When you raise your hand to make these beautiful marks and I wait with my breath held in sweet anticipation, when the blow lands and my skin sings as my cunt tightens, I willingly give you control over my pain, knowing that you will use it for my pleasure. Because with each *crack* of leather meeting flesh, the aching of my arousal intensifies. With each stinging, shocking impact; the wetter my cunt and the shorter my breath becomes.

You see how I respond and the sight makes your cock harder still. All I want is for you to fill me with it and I know that you want it too. The more you need to fuck me, the more I want you to.

I offer you my mouth and you grab my hair, pushing yourself all the way back to my throat, which I open to you. Your delicious cock stiffens in my mouth, so I push my head down further until I feel the head pressing against the back of my throat. Please, use my mouth to feed your lust. Right now, that’s the only thing I want to exist for. To jolt gasps from your chest and fill your eyes with urgency. To be the reason your balls tighten and your hands clench around my head.

Please fuck my mouth til my jaws ache. I love it.

You pick up the tawse. It’s as though you can read my mind. I am all sensation, all stretched throat and sliding tongue; all stinging, throbbing arse. The harder you hit me, the firmer and deeper into my mouth I thrust your cock. I know you will reach the tipping point between the pleasure you are now experiencing and the urgency of your rising need to feel my cunt muscles grip you, long before my enjoyment of the pain dissolves into the pain itself.

You pull my hair to bring my head up, and up, signalling to me that you want my cunt, now. I straddle you – your favourite position – and begin to fuck you slowly, moving myself back and forth along your cock. From this angle I can see that look of abandoned pleasure as sensation washes over you and glazes your eyes. I adore that look.

More, more please.

This is what goes through my mind and body when you give me the pain I crave, what it causes me to feel and do. It is why I exclaim proudly over the marks, once our heartbeats have slowed and our sweat has dried.

I love the pain because I thrive on it – and you make it so sweet.

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  1. As I read your words, it is if you are speaking to me. I straddle you – your favourite position – and begin to fuck you slowly, moving myself back and forth along your cock. Ooh, that feels so good.

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